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O = Picture Window, Also known as an o-lite. Is a non-opening window.

X = Sliding portion (vent) of the window. Also known as a sash. Only on horizontal sliders

V = Slider portion (vent) of the windows. Also known as a sash. Only on vertical sliders.

A = Awning (vent) which is hinged at the TOP of the frame to open outwards from the home

C = Casement (vent) which is hinged at the SIDE of the frame to open outwards from the home

XO = Horizontal slider next to an olite (all horizontal sliders have to have an O next to them to slide)

XOX = slider, olite, slider

O/XO – Olite OVER a horizontal slider

A/XO = An awning OVER horiztal slider

O/V = Olite OVER a vertical slider

O/A = Olite OVER an awning

COC = Casement, olite, casement

O/OA = Olite OVER and olite-awning

Upload My Own Photo

Choose an image from your computer to upload. Don't have an image available? Most smart devices capture images that meet our photo guidelines, so take a photo with your phone or tablet and save it to your computer, and upload from there!

  • Resolution must be larger than 600 x 600
  • File size must be smaller than 13MB
  • Must be a JPG, PNG, BMP, or GIF
Get Started  

Use the good and bad photos above as a guideline for best results. Photos of your project should have a minimal amount of objects so you can easily draw over the surface you want in the room.